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Repulse Responsive DotNetNuke Skin

Repulse Responsive DotNetNuke Skin

Repulse Responsive DotNetNuke Skin

Repulse Responsive DotNetNuke Skin


Containers included in the Package

Repulse is a responsive/fluid layout dotnetnuke skin that can work well with DNN6 and DNN7.
There are two skin files one for HomePage and other for InnerPage but you can use the home one
named CustomSkin in inner pages as well. The difference in both files is only that the Inner skin named
CustomSkinInner1 has the leftside menu enabled. Use the template files available with the downloads
to achieve the required skin layout.
Ideally remove the big number that you see before teh skin name as explained in the help as well before
installing the skin e.g 210233_Nexus_Repulse remove the number and install the zip with this name same goes for the containers
DNN6 demo

Package Contents

  1. Skin zip
  2. Container Zip
  3. Importable templates
    • Full site template same as the demo
    • Pagewise templates